Top 4 Natural Stones for a Luxury Finish

The aesthetic beauty of natural stone is hard to beat. Being a naturally made substance, each stone is unique in terms of colour, pattern, texture and strength. Natural stone can be implemented throughout the interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial structures. Here are our top 4 favourite natural stones.

Marble is the most distinct of the natural stone types because of its characteristically large veins and comes in a multitude of colours and styles. Marble adds a sense of luxury to kitchens and bathrooms and can be applied to almost every surface including walls, vanities, flooring and bench-tops. Marble is quite porous and will require a sealant to prevent damage from scratches and staining.

Granite is a popular natural stone choice, especially in bench-tops because of its high durability. It is more resistant to scratches and staining than marble and is denser and stronger than all the other natural stones, making it ideal for high traffic areas. There are two distinct types of granite slabs; consistent, which contains the same pattern throughout, and variegated where beautiful veining provides a statement look.

Limestone is formed from sedimentary materials and comes in vast array of textures. It can be sanded to create a smooth finish or machine-tumbled to create a worn, rustic look. Limestone is commonly used both internally and externally around the home and in comparison to other natural stones, limestone tiles actually require very little maintenance.

Sandstone comes in many different forms and colours and has many different uses. The typical roles of sandstone include multiple interior and exterior functions including pavers, flooring and wall cladding. Sandstone creates beautiful interior living environments. It’s thermally neutral, remaining at ambient temperatures and doesn’t overreact to heat or cold, and also doesn’t deteriorate as a result of thermal expansion and contraction. Sandstone flooring, in particular, has become extremely popular among designers and interior design specialists. This flooring isn’t just elegant, it’s also a good way of creating a design setting. The floor takes up the main accessible living space in any room, and sandstone flooring provides a huge range of possibilities for both colour and texture in design.