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Our Clients

Deemah Stone has an extensive history of working in partnership with clients and stakeholders to deliver safe, sustainable and high-quality projects.

Since our inception, we have taken a proactive approach to environmental management by recognising and evaluating all ecological issues and
setting goals, targets and actions for each project that we undertake.

Our Sustainability Plan outlines our vision and objectives for undertaking environmentally friendly practices and achieve measurable actions.

As part of our Environmental Policy, we ensure:

Assessment, monitoring and minimising of the impact of any of our activities.
Management and staff, and vested stakeholders, including suppliers and sub-contractors, are informed of our responsibility and objective to improve sustainability and monitor the impact of our activities on the environment.
Together as a team, we strive to achieve this shared vision.

We review and approve our

sustainability strategy to

monitor our environmental

objectives and measure our


While monitoring our own performance, our objective is to offer our clients and the community products, services and deliverables that are resource-efficient and reduce the impact on the environment.

This means that our performance meets our own internal policies, as well as regulatory institutes.