2022 Stone & Tile Trends

Experimenting and pushing the boundaries is what 2022 is all about. The developments of new tile technologies, has allowed for unique cuts and objects to enter the design world, pushing limits. Natural stone is popular, and will continue to be incorporated in both outdoor and indoor living spaces. Products such as granite, marble or slate are the prevalent stone trends of 2022. Earthy colours, timber hues and stone are making an appearance this year and it is crucial to keep updated on these new trends making sure you can adapt your new space to its full design potential. Here are some tile trends you should keep an eye out for this year, to embrace new design elements in your next development or renovation.

Monochrome Madness

Black and white will never go out of trend, and is surely sticking around for 2022. This colour scheme is always a perfect one to incorporate if you are looking for a timeless and luxurious look. Dark and light tones create a cool mood to an environment. To create this look, large slabs of natural marble stone tiles and black mosaic tiles are a great tip. Black tiles with a matching black grout is also seen as a great mixture for a smooth and modern kitchen backsplash.

Matte Matters

It seems like the glossy tile will be heading out slowly, as we’re set to see more matt designs. Matt tiles allow for shape and colour to become a focus rather than the glassy polish of gloss tiles. The matt looks will provide sophistication and minimalism to your space, especially when contrasted with metallic fixtures.


Say goodbye to those speckled granite kitchen countertops, and hello to a more minimalist alternative for 2022. Materials such as limestone and exotic marble are becoming the top choice to be less showy. Designers are opting for limestone and marble as they give off a subtle look which is better suited for busy areas like the kitchen. Large porcelain tiles and slabs with stone look appearances are new to the market and one of the big trends of2022.

Limestone Loving

Floors and tabletops and not the only place you can use limestone within your design. It is now being incorporated on the wall adding a sense of vibrancy and texture to any room. Limestone and shell-stone are becoming the new trend of interior design. It is becoming such a versatile design piece being used as a decorative wall, textured all over aesthetic look or just a simple display. These stone pieces have a distinct look which have all designers incorporating them within their projects.

Light It Up

Natural stones can curve and shape light. This stone absorbs part of light, creating vibrant spotlights throughout a space. A trend which is being used in 2022, is highlighting the nature of limestone. This can be done by placing a light behind the stone to amplify and show off its curves and veins.

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